Manhattan Moments: Alex Kleyner Capturing New York City’s Iconic Skyscrapers

Capturing the essence of New York’s iconic skyscrapers is no small feat. The thriving metropolis provides endless opportunities, but challenges and rewards exist.

Miami-based photographer Alex Kleyner sees New York City as a unique challenge each time he flies into the city. This monumental task of capturing skyscrapers has become a labor of love and a testament to his exceptional skills.

The magic of New York City lies in its towering skyscrapers, each with its own unique character and story. When Klyener became CEO and President of his own company, Alex Kleyner Photography & Design, he embarked on a visual journey to narrate these tales through his camera. His work not only showcases the architectural brilliance of these colossal structures but also provides an insight into the challenges and rewards of photographing in the Big Apple.

Challenges and Rewards of Shooting in New York City

The hard parts of shooting the most significant buildings in the country’s biggest city keep many people away from the challenge in the first place. Living in Miami and only visiting New York City on occasion allows Kleyner to stay excited and ready to go each time he lands. Still, significant challenges stand in the way for anyone looking to join in.


  1. Crowds and Competition

New York City is a bustling metropolis. With that comes a ton of competition. Any photographer can attest that getting the perfect shot can be tough. Standing out from so many others attempting to do the same thing can be exhausting. Alex Kleyner has had to navigate the dense crowds and rival photographers vying for that prime vantage point.

Part of his success comes down to experience. Now in his mid-40s, Alex Kleyner has years of experience capturing skyscrapers, brownstones, and even hidden gems in various neighborhoods of New York City.

It starts small, but Kleyner boasts features in real estate listings, national architectural magazines, and art galleries for his work. Competition can be considered a challenge, but it can be flipped around to motivate people to stand out and strive for perfection.

  1. Ever-Changing Lighting

Lighting can be unpredictable with skyscrapers that seem to touch the clouds. Kleyner’s experience and adaptability shine through as he harnesses the ever-changing natural light to his advantage, adding depth and drama to his shots.

Summer lighting will be much different than lighting in the winter. It can be completely dark at 5 PM in the winter, closing the window for daytime shots. 

Advantageously using surrounding buildings makes a huge difference as well. For new photographers, buildings might only seem like hindrances. With experience, they can end up being a photographer’s best friend.

  1. Weather Woes

New York’s weather is notoriously inconsistent. Kleyner’s dedication often leads him to brave the elements, enduring everything from sweltering summer days to frigid winter nights to capture the perfect shot.

People romanticize the Big Apple 12 months out of the year, so adaptability can lead to great opportunities no matter when a person is in town. Kleyner doesn’t see snow in Miami, but he’s made trips north specifically to capture a building in the holiday spirit. Fresh snow has a short timeframe to capture perfectly, so photographers must stay ready.


What keeps Kleyner coming back to New York City as a photographer? A lot of the same things that make it one of the most photographed cities in the world by professionals and amateurs.

  1. Iconic Views

New York City boasts some of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers, and Alex Kleyner’s portfolio is a visual treasure chest of these marvels. His photographs offer viewers a unique perspective, revealing the intricate details and grandeur that make these buildings legendary.

Even with decades of experience in the city, Kleyner is always finding something new to take in. Photographers will always find new angles and see what can come of a new session.

  1. Unique Moments

Kleyner captures New York’s heartbeat through his lens in a way only a true connoisseur can. He immortalizes those fleeting moments when the city’s energy is palpable, leaving viewers in awe.

Each trip to New York City comes with the possibility of seeing and capturing something new. Even with plenty to capture in Miami, nothing in the United States matches up with New York City.

  1. Creative Freedom

The challenge of shooting in the city that never sleeps offers unparalleled creative opportunities. Each skyscraper becomes a blank canvas for Kleyner, allowing him to experiment with angles, perspectives, and post-processing techniques. This results in stunning, unique images.

Some of the most photographed skyscrapers in the city still have new angles and untapped creative opportunities to explore. Creative minds can always find a different approach to stand out.

The Man Behind the Lens: Alex Kleyner

Alex Kleyner’s passion for photography and his love for New York City culminated in his ability to capture its skyscrapers like no one else. Running his own photography agency has allowed him to build up expertise beyond a camera’s mere technicalities. His work embodies an artist’s eye and an entrepreneur’s spirit.

Through the lens of Alex Kleyner, the concrete and steel giants of New York City become more than just buildings; they become living, breathing entities. His photographs tell stories of ambition, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of greatness, mirroring the very essence of the city itself.

Alex Kleyner’s work serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that New York City offers. It’s a city photographed millions of times, yet in the hands of this skilled photographer, it continues to reveal new dimensions and inspire awe.

His photographs of New York City’s iconic skyscrapers are a testament to his remarkable talent, dedication, and passion for capturing the essence of the Big Apple. It combines his love of photography and architecture, making it hardly seem like work when he hops on a plane to New York City. He strives to paint a vivid picture of a place that continues to mesmerize and inspire. Working as a CEO and president of his own company gives him the opportunity to go where he wants to help capture architecture as well. 

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