Some Interesting Techniques Of Piling

Whenever people need to build anything, they need to contact piling contractors, which help them cover different stacking methods suitable for the ground texture. And these methods of piling will help you understand how they work and how CFA piling can be the best option you can try.

Types Of Techniques Piling Contractors Use

There are a few types of Piling methods which are famous all around the world. And through this article, we will learn about the top 5 ways of piling.

Bored Piling

It is one of the most recognised methods of piling. The bored piles are augured into the ground to make a hole. And then the concrete was poured into it. The bored piling is the quietest way of piling with less vibration, thus making it suitable for cities or congested areas. Also, we will learn a method called CFA piling later.

Driven Piling

This technique requires a lot of force as it is hammered into the ground with the help of vibration. The driven piles can be made of concrete, steel or wood. This technique is suitable for non-cohesive soils or soils have many contaminants.

Screwed Piling

The piling contractors use circular steel piles with one or more steel helices attached. Then, like a screw-fastened into the wood, it needed to be fastened into the ground.

Timber Piling

This way of piling has been used for many years. This method is precast off-site, which is installed with the driving method. This way of piling allows us a high pile load capacity. And give a perfect temporary to a permanent solution.

Mini Piling

Day by day, mini piling is gaining popularity. It is a very productive method through which someone can work on smaller areas instead of wrecking the whole place. Also, The mini piling can use in restricted areas where traditional piling machines are not allowed. The size range of these mini piles is 100mm – 400 mm in diameter and can be used in domestic areas.

All About Cfa Piling

The complete form of CFA is Continuous Flight Auger Piling; this is a part of bored piling. It works excellent in sharp sand, soft rock, and slide areas. Also, This piling system can install quickly without taking too long.

In this technique, the auger rotates and goes to a specific depth of the ground. And after taking out the drill, all the concrete is out of it. The machine creates a hollow stem. All these things are controlled through computers and by professional people.

After the piling machine was extracted from the ground level through digitised devices, steel-made cages were reinforced in the hollow stem. Controlled by computerised instruments and piling contractors, the CFA piling can go 35m deep.

The Advantage Of The CFA Piling Technique

  • Quieter than other techniques
  • Low level of risk
  • Easily install
  • Suitable for different types of soil
  • Perfect for retaining wall


In the end, you can see the fundamental ways of piling and how different piling can help you differently. There are many other minor to medium forms of collecting available, but to know about that, you can discuss it with your piling contractor. And then decide which one is the best option for you.

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